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Improve the quality of life of our dogs, the best friends.

We knew everything was going to be hard at first, but we finally found a food company for human consumption that was exactly what we originally wanted!

Committed to the environment

Almost all of the raw materials for our dogs' food come from farms located in Salamanca and the north of Extremadura. Except the fish, of course! that comes from the Cantabrian Sea.

Furthermore, we have made a special effort to ensure that our packaging, thanks to its minimalist and functional design, is environmentally responsible.

Dog food as if it were for us

We produce all our products in plants intended for the production of food for human consumption.

We pay special attention and care in every step we take, following the same principles of quality and traceability that the industry usually uses for us and thus we produce the entire range of food products for our dogs.

The details make the difference

Our LifeStyle range has a limited production .Each product is handmade by local artisans, so you won't find anything like it!



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