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Super Foodies Organic Baked Dog Treats

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These easily digestible dog treats are made with hand-picked, premium organic super foods (such as blueberries, coconut, bananas and oats) that contribute to your dog’s healthy immune system

Handmade and traditionally baked, all our treats are made with fresh, organic and human-grade quality ingredients. Recommended for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

These treats are part of our vegetarian and plant based collection, together with the Multi Vitamin, Happy Tummy and Healthy Glow treats.

Curious to know more about the benefits of blueberries and bananas for dogs? We've summarised it all for you here: "The benefits of blueberries for dogs"  and  "The benefits of bananas for dogs"


Organic bananas, organic blueberries, organic buckwheat flour, organic oats, organic coconut flour, organic coconut oil, organic lemon, organic cinnamon, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol rich extract of natural origin).

Vitamins: Vit. B1: 0.19mg, Vit. B3: 2.5mg, Vit. B5:, Vit. B6: 0.12mg, Vit. B8: 18mcg, Vit. B9: 0.29mcg, Vit. E: 40mg, Vit. K1: 6.65mcg, Choline: 535mg

Minerals: Calcium: 34mg, Phosphorus: 310mg, Sodium: 10mg, Manganese: 2.5mg, Copper: 0.67mg, Zinc: 2.4mg, Potassium: 790mg, Magnesium: 150mg

Amino Acids: Alanine: 495mg, Aspartic Acid: 948mg, Arginine 1000mg, Cysteine + Cystine: 212mg, Glutamic Acid: 1900mg, Glycine: 548mg, Histidine: 259mg, Isoleucine: 364mg, Leucine: 729mg, Lysine: 388mg, Methionine: 198mg, Phenylalanine: 487mg, Proline: 247mg, Serine: 546mg, Threonine: 398mg, Tyrosine: 289mg, Tryptophan: 128mg, Valine: 575mg

Energy/100g: 1619kJ (385 kcal)
Protein: 10%
Fiber: 4%
Fat: 17%
Moisture: 7%
Ash: 2%

There are 60 treats in total. Each individual box includes 10 easy-to-carry sachets (resealable) that preserve the freshness of the treats. Each sachet contains 6 treats. Our treats are freshly baked every week and will last 1 year unopened.
Ideal for a healthy lifestyle as well as for training and any on-the-go activity.

For dogs under 5Kg: a maximum of 2 sachets/day

For dogs between 5-9 Kg: a maximum of 3 sachets/day

For dogs between 10-13 Kg: a maximum of 4 sachets/day 

For dogs with 14 and more Kg: a maximum of 5 sachets/day


Are LOONAWELL's treats for puppy's too?

Always keep in mind that puppies should only be introduced to treats after they're 3 months old.

In their first six months, puppies do a lot of growing. They build bones, tissues, muscles and internal organs, start growing a vast network of neural connections, make great leaps forward in their brain and cognitive function, and develop an immune system.

It is important to give them a healthy and balanced diet, and LOONAWELL's organic nutritious treats are a perfect complement.


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