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Sardine Dog Paté 150g

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The Sardine Paté treat is a delicatessen packed with omega-3 fatty acids. This paté promotes a healthy immune system, keeping dogs looking and feeling their best. The supreme and distinguishable sardine flavor is surrounded by notes of capers and lemon, adding a burst of freshness to every mouthful.


Organic chickpeas, water, sardines, organic olive oil, organic lemon, organic capers, organic rosemary, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract of natural origin)

Omega-3 fatty acids/100g: 150 mg

Vitamins/100g: Vit. B1: 0.06mg, Vit. B2: 0.02mg, Vit. B5: 0.14mg, Vit. E: 7.3mg, Choline: 32.9mg

Minerals/100g: Ca (Calcium): 40mg, Cu (Copper): 0.18mg, Fe (Iron): 1.4mg, K (Potassium): 160mg, Mg (Magnesium): 28mg, Mn (Manganese): 0.65mg, Na (sodium): 27mg, P (Phosphorus): 90mg, Zn (Zinc): 0.85mg.

Amino Acids/100g: Alanine 351mg, Aspartic acid 889mg, Arginine 641mg, Glutamic acid 1.16g, Glycine 309mg, Histidine 220mg, Hydroxyproline <200mg, Isoleucine 331mg, Leucine 590mg, Lysine 569mg, Ornithine <50mg, Phenylalanine 429mg, Proline 313mg, Serine 387mg, Threonine 300mg, Tyrosine 230mg, Valine 366mg, Cysteine +Cystine 97mg, Methionine 118mg, Tryptophan 79.7mg.

Energy/100g 630kJ (151kcal)
Protein 7.6 %
Fiber 1 %
Fat 8.4 %
Moisture 67%
Ash 0.6 %

**After opening, the Pate' should be stored in the fridge.**


Are LOONAWELL's treats for puppy's too?

Always keep in mind that puppies should only be introduced to treats after they're 3 months old.

In their first six months, puppies do a lot of growing. They build bones, tissues, muscles and internal organs, start growing a vast network of neural connections, make great leaps forward in their brain and cognitive function, and develop an immune system.

It is important to give them a healthy and balanced diet, and LOONAWELL's organic nutritious treats are a perfect complement.


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