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Repellent spray with neem oil for dogs and cats (Oil Drop)

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Repellent spray for cats and dogs keeps pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away from furry friends. Neem oil, present in the spray, is a natural insecticide and bactericide for pets. It contains azadirachtin, an active substance which acts on the nervous system of the parasites which annoy your hairball. In addition, hemp oil relieves inflammation due to insect bites and stings and makes your pet's coat silkier.

How to use :

The repellent spray for cats and dogs is easy to use. Simply press the product on your hand and rub on all over your pet's coat, avoiding the eyes and airways. It is specifically suitable for animals with long hair, gradual distribution of the repellent over their entire coat and entire body is protected.

You can use the spray in prevention with an application once a week. If your companion is already infested with fleas or ticks, an application once or twice a day, for a minimum of two weeks, will eliminate the parasites and relieve your pet of itching.


Benefits :

The antiparasitics best known to pet owners (collars, tablets, pipettes) contain substances that are harmful to your furry friends. The use of the natural repellent spray for cats and dogs allows you to protect them without making it ingest pesticides and antibacterials harmful to health.

- safe for animals and humans (no neurotoxic substances and harmful pesticides).
- the components are natural, completely biodegradable and compatible with the environment.
- easy to use and extremely
- handmade, made in France.
- can be used on all breeds of dogs and cats, even babies.

Neem oil, hemp, tamanu, jojoba, cade, calendula


Additional pump head


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