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Antler Velvet 100% natural

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Antler Velvet or antler powder is made from 100% natural antler found in the wild by European hunters. 
Our antler powder is A-graded, i.e. the antlers are collected within a few days from when they fall off the deer/roe deer. 

Antler Velvet powder is rich in natural nutrients & minerals such as calcium, zinc, glucosamine, chondroitin, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, protein etc.

Antler Velvet can help with fur & skin, joints & gastrointestinal system. 

Can be used on all types of feed, and can be given directly on the feed.

Read more about Antler Velvet HERE


100% antlers from deer & fallow deer.

Average analysis / 100g:
Protein: 38.9g/100g
Crude ash: 48%
Fat: 0.3%
Liquid: 10.7%
Zinc: 75mg/kg
Phosphorus: 8.07%
Magnesium: 0.45%
Manganese: 18.6mg /kg
Calcium: 17.4%
Iron: 176mg/kg

Recommended use:
1g per 10kg body weight

Dry & out of direct sunlight.

Produced in Europe by European Antlers.


The product contains 250g net.

Antler Velvet is a food supplement - and not a medicine.
Contact your vet or therapist if you have any doubts about your dog.

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