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Bite Me

Fluffy Towel Toy Set (2pcs Blue + Pink)

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It's laundry day, flip through these fresh towels. Hide some treats in it and watch your furry friend have a sniffing good time with some tasty rewards!

Set of 2 pieces, includes pink and blue towels with hiding pockets, squeaking, and crinkling sound! The towel can be separated for dogs to play with, or it can be turned into a food-hiding toy with 4 levels of difficulty, from shallow to deep, dogs need a longer duration to find snacks. It can not only feed the dog but also relieve the dog's boredom. 

  • Relieves stress and boredom
  • Sharpens senses
  • Improves self-confidence

    The material is safe for dogs and has passed Europe's strict toy standards EN71,1,2,3.

    Crinkle, Squeak, No cotton filling, Nose work
    Materials Polyester, PE, Cotton and Hypoallergenic Velcro
    Pet Size Suitable for small dogs
    Life stages All ages
    Pet activity
    Snuggle, sniff
    24 cm x 18 cm  
    Handwash with cold water.

    Caution: Supervise your dog during play. Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.

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