Enrichment Products

Enrichment Products

What Are Enrichment Products

Enrichment products are so important for dogs as they provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, help alleviate separation anxiety, and assist in behaviour management. They allow dogs to have some control over their environment and encourage them to use their natural instincts.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle Toys are becoming increasingly more popular because they incorporate food and challenge your furry pal to solve a puzzle to gain a treat. Puzzle toys are excellent for keeping your pooch entertained, reducing their anxiety, slowing down fast eaters, plus numerous other fantastic benefits… so there is no wonder as to why they are in the spotlight!


Treat Dispensers

Treat Dispensers are brilliant enrichment products for dogs. They provide mental stimulation, encourage problem-solving abilities, and reward positive behavior, ultimately promoting their overall mental and physical well-being.

Enrichment Bowls

Research has previously shown that most slow feeder bowls are ineffective at slowing down a dog’s eating. 

Lick mats

Lickimat helps calm and soothe your pet as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping to release endorphins through the promotion of licking. 

Burrow Toys (all our sniffing toys)

Burrow enrichment toys usually consist of a plush or fabric structure with multiple small compartments or holes. Dogs are naturally curious and enjoy using their problem-solving skills to figure out how to extract the smaller toys or treats hidden inside the burrow

Burrow toys also provide anxiety and stress relief as many dogs find comfort in having a secure space or den-like environment that a burrow toy provides.


So, these mentally stimulating enrichment toys will keep your doggo entertained for hours.


Information from : woof.co.uk  Photo from : Lambwolf.co

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